Organic Blended Topsoil


Fully screened premium Topsoil, carefully blended to produce an exquisite dark and friable material that is easy to work.

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Our organic blended topsoil is a premium grade, fully screened topsoil. The key to the best topsoil is its organic matter, which the essential micro-organisms live off and the plants feed on.

  • A blend of quality topsoil, peat free organic compost and sharp sand, producting a light free draining growing medium.
  • The quantities of the topsoil, compost and sharp sand are carefully blended to produce an exquisite, dark friable material that is easy to work.
  • All topsoil is natural, but it can be improved and enriched with the addition of organic compost, increasing the structure and fertility of the soil.
  • Bulk Bag approximately 900kg


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