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Our most popular design, Large Log Store is handmade to order, with a traditional pitch roof and an extra shelf for kindling (or more logs) and a storage capacity of approximately 1 cubic metre.

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Our most popular design, the handbuilt Large Log Store is made to order, with a traditional pitch roof and an extra shelf for kindling, or even more firewood.

  • Designed to encourage nature to dry and season freshly split firewood as quickly as possible
  • Allows ventilation to naturally store already seasoned firewood
  • Ready assembled and handbuilt
  • Built off the ground for the best possible circulation of air
  • Storage capacity of approximately 1 cubic metre
  • Pitched roof to shed rainwater easily and allow the moisture to evaporate away from the store
  • Handmade from pressure treated timber, sustainably sourced from managed forests
  • Approx Dimensions: H72″ x W43″ x D26″ (183cm x 109cm x 66cm)

Available to order as a value package option:

  • Large Log Store
  • 10 nets of seasoned hardwood logs
  • 2 nets of seasoned kindling
  • 2 boxes of eco-firelighters

Additional information

Weight 101 kg
Dimensions 66 × 71 × 195 cm

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